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Solid Waste Code

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  1. Solid Waste Management Code (3.61 MB) - passed by Tribal Council Ordinance No. DOI-013 (2013) - Revised July 2013
  2. Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan (415 KB) - passed by Tribal Council Resolution No. DOI-177 (2011)

This Code is enacted to provide for the establishment of a comprehensive solid waste collection and disposal system and to regulate the generation, storage, collection, disposal, treatment, and management of solid waste on the Reservation in order to protect public health and the environment. This code is intended to:

a) protect the health, welfare, political integrity, and economic security of the Tribe, its members, and residents and other persons living on the Reservation

b) protect the historical and cultural values and traditions of the Tribe and ensure preservation of the Reservation as a permanent Tribal homeland

c) prevent the deterioration of the natural environment on the Reservation by minimizing impacts from the improper disposal of solid waste to the air, surface water, groundwater, wildlife and land resources

d) reduce littering and eliminate disposal of waste in open dumps through regulation of the storage, collection, transportation, and disposal of solid waste on the Reservation by persons subject to the jurisdication of the Tribe

e) encourage the development of a Reservation-wide system of curbside solid waste pickup and recycling

f ) encourage solid waste source reduction on the Reservation; and

g) comply with the requirements of federal law relating to the generation, storage, transportation, treatment, and disposal of solid waste on the Reservation.


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