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Legislative Branch

District Name Term Phone Email Address  
Ashland District Tracey Robinson Nov 2012 - Nov 2016 477-4856   Tracey Robinson
  Donna Fisher Nov 2010 - Nov 2014 477-4853    
Birney District Deanna Harris-Small Nov 2012 - Nov 2016      
Busby District Eloise Snow Nov 2012 - Nov 2016 477-4854  
  Vacant Nov 2010 - Nov 2014      
Lame Deer District Merlin Sioux Nov 2012 - Nov 2016 477-4855    
  Marlene Redneck Nov 2010 - Nov 2014 477-4851    
  Vernon Small Nov 2010 - Nov 2014 477-4850    
  Jennie Lafranier Nov 2010 - Nov 2014 477-4858  
Muddy District Loranzy "Oly" McMakin Nov 2012 - Nov 2016 477-4852  

Council Agenda
September 15, 2014 - Regular Session

Invocation/Roll Call


  1. BIA Superintendent Update - Mike Addy
  2. IHS Update - Debby Bends
  3. Group Workcamp Presentation - Bob Turley
  4. Satellite Voting Update - O.J. Seamans
  5. Budgets - Tribal Treasurer
  6. Minutes - Tribal Secretary
  7. Save the Grizzly - Don Shoulderblade
  8. NCTS Audit Contract - Eloise Snow
  9. Tribal Board of Health Attorney Contract - L. Jace Killsback
  10. Land Authority Property Transfer - Donna Fisher
  11. Grazing Board Oversight - Donna Fisher



January 3, 2012 - Tribal Council Agenda Request

To: Tribal Program Directors/Employees & Tribal Members

From: Melissa Lonebear, Tribal Secretary

The deadline for Council meeting agenda requests will be the second anf fourth Monday of each month by close of business. The Agenda Committee will meet the second and fourth Tuesday at 1:00 pm. All informational presentations will be referred to working sessions. Working sessions will be held on the second and fourth Thursday of each month.

All requests must have supporting documentation attached to the form or it will not be considered. Please provide a hard copy of the draft resolution for your agenda item when you submit your request. You must also submit a draft electronically (CD or USB or e-mail it to, by the deadline date. My office keeps one original, and the originals returned from the BIA are forwarded to Tribal Services.

Once the process is complete, it is the responsibility of the program director/requestor to retain necessary copies. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact my office.

Download Tribal Council Agenda Request (pdf) pdf


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