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October, Vol. I, No. 10 Main Page (Most recent Issue)



Energy Talk: For the Record

U.S. Nation Faces “Lame Duck” Session in Washington, D.C., While N.C. Nation Gets a “Dead Duck” in Lame Deer



Northern Cheyenne Face Decision of Economy or Environment

The Argument For Coal and CBM Development

Reservation-Wide Primary Election Results

Winona Laduke visits Northern Cheyenne Nation

Editor’s note on Tribal Report and media

Various Agendas from Tribal Council Meetings

Federal Budget Cuts for Education in 2008

H.R. 4766: American Indian Languages Act

Letters-From a “Rezer” to “Others,” From a “Rezer” to “Other Rezers

Letter-What is Your Vote Worth?



Domestic Violence is not the Cheyenne Way

AIDS/HIV and the Northern Cheyenne

Do You have Diabetes? Are you at Risk?

Greetings, Update, and Welcome from the Food Distribution Program

Northern Cheyenne Tribal Services Update

President to give Keynote Address at Housing Expo

Tribal Education Department Update

Colstrip Steam and Electrical Station and PPL Honor Graduates


A Message From Our Elders: White Bull Tells of Sweet Medicine

A Message From Our Elders: John Stands In Timber Speaks on the Sacred Arrows

Sand Creek, Washita, Dull Knife and Thanksgiving

In the Path of Sweet Medicine’s Arrows

Northern Cheyenne Artist wins Award at Plains Indian Art Exhibit





August/September, Vol. I, No. 9 Main Page



Expansion of Northern Cheyenne Bison Range Approved

Northern Cheyenne Nation to be “Treated As a State” When it Comes to Water Quality



Sage Fire Brings Up Saw Mill Issues

Noavose (Bear Butte) Update

Tongue River Casino Environmental Assessment Meeting Held

Re-elect Norma Bixby for House District 41, State Elections

The Big Push for Coal/CBM Development

Letters-Personal Comment on St. Labre

Letters-RMC Representative Commends Northern Cheyenne People

Northern Cheyenne Tribal Education Summit to be held this Weekend

Buffalo Pasture Expansion Ordinance

Tribal, Regional and National Health Care Priorities

Tribal Council Vote, Elect to Put CBM on this Year’s Ballot

Council Member Interrupts Meeting

Council Elects to Keep “Per Capita” Name on Account

Minutes of the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Council-July 24, 2006

Minutes of the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Council-August 7, 2006

Minutes of the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Council-August 21, 2006


A Message From Our Elders: Wooden Leg Speaks on Early Reservation Life, Politics, the Mission, and Working the Land

A Message From Our Elders: John Stands In Timber Speaks on Later Reservation Life, Education, and the Old Ones

Why the Northern Cheyenne are not Celebrating the Bicentennial of Lewis and Clark

Erect Horns & the Dependent Indian

Cheyenne Epic Summer 2006 Pictures at Devil’s Tower

2006 Cheyenne Epic A Success

2006 Cheyenne Epic Pictures





July 2006, Vol. I, No. 8 Main Page



Watt Draw, Buffalo Creek, Sage and King Mountain Fires, By Marilyn Krause

Wildfires, Tribal Administration Update, and Slow but Sure Progress of The Northern Cheyenne Nation, by Eugene Little Coyote



Northern Cheyenne nation, BIA, BLM, Apply MOU for Wild Fires

Northern Cheyenne Making Progress on Off-Reservation Casino Endeavour

HIP Has Funds to Repair Houses

Letter-Why Are Indigenous (American Indian) Soldiers Serving in Iraq?

Tribal Elections of the Northern Cheyenne Nation 2006

Minutes of the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Council-June 5, 2006



NCTH Authority Offers a ‘Homeownership’

HUD Gives NCTH Authority Clean Bill of Health

Tribal Health Reorganization: A Refined Direction

Updated Low-rent Waiting List

Employment & Training Program: Funds for College Students

Tribal Council Passes Lending Code

Head Start Staff and Volunteers Appreciated

Documents for Members to Make Payments

Northern Cheyenne Housing Summit


Lame Deer Finally Gets Main Street Lights Back On

THPO Cultural Resources Inventory and the Sage Fire

3rd Annual White River Cheyenne Days Contest Results

A Message From Our Elders: Porcupine Bear

38th Annual Cheyenne Chief’s Celebration Results

Chief’s Powwow Celebration a Success and Better Managed

Northern Cheyenne Oral Language Immersion Camp Underway

Powwow Pictures







June 2006, Vol. I, No.7 Main Page



The Cheyenne People Must Protect What is Most Sacred, by Tribal Report Staff

More Than A Struggle; A Righteous Cause Preserving The Sanctity of Noavose, by Eugene Little Coyote



Northern Cheyenne Part of- and Represented at Council of Large Land-Base Tribes

Wireless Telecommunications on Reservation Supported by the State of Montana

Tobacco/Gas Tax Reimbursement not a Per-Capita Payment

Northern Cheyenne Tribal Members Attend CBM Development Assembly



Northern Cheyenne Tribal Services Program—Enrollment, New Hires and Per Capita Update and History

Northern Cheyenne Tribe Receives Funds to Clean Up Open Dumps

Tribal Forestry Department Rehabs Burn Areas/Sand Creek Site

2006 Northern Cheyenne Graduates Honored



A Message From Our Elders: Wooden Legs Speaks on the 30th Anniversary of the Battle of the Little Bighorn

Tsetesetanove naa Noavose (The Cheyenne Way and Bear Butte)

Northern Cheyenne Morningstar Riders Memorialize Warriors

130th Anniversary of the Battle Where Long Hair Was Wiped Out

Kase’eetsevo’estaneveo-sehaesta’tanemo (Where the Girl Saved Her Brother)

Traditional Celebration Brings People and  Community Together




Eugene D. Little Coyote, President

Leo Killsback, Tribal Report Editor

Eugene Limpy, Tribal Report Editorial Board

Tony Prairiebear, Tribal Report Editorial Board

David Millegan, Tribal Report Editorial Board

Clyde Wolfblack, Tribal Report Editorial Board



“Out of exile and defeat, they led us back to Montana and won our Cheyenne homeland that we will keep forever.”

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