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Northern Cheyenne Tribal Government News

July 22, 2014 - Tobacco Prevention Program

Mission Statement
The mission of the Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program (MTUPP) is to address the public health crisis caused by the use of all forms of commercial tobacco products. MTUPP will work to eliminate tobacco use, especially among young people, through statewide programs and policies.

Program Goals
The goal of MTUPP is to reduce disease, disability, and death related to tobacco use by:
- Preventing tobacco use among young people
- Eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke
- Eliminating disparities related to tobacco use and its effects among community population groups
- Promoting quitting among adults and young people; and,
- Providing a basic knowledge base for appropriate cultural use

FY 2014-2015 GOAL
C1: Increase Community Capacity
C2: Reduce Youth Initiation to Tobacco
C3: Promote Tobacco Cessation Services
C4: Eliminate Exposure to SHS

Contact; Rick Wolfname, Tobacco Prevention Specialist, 406-477-4947 or

Clarice Walksalong, Tobacco Prevention Technician, 406-477-4953 or

July 22, 2014 - Cheyenne Warrior Spirit

cheyenne warrior spirit

July 22, 2014 - Auction

lame deer school auction

July 16, 2014 - Muddy District Meeting

muddy district meeting

July 16, 2014 - Child Care Training

mandatory sids training

July 15, 2014 - Northern Cheyenne Transit Schedule Update

For More Information: 477-6505/477-8979

Saturday, July 19th, 2014 - NO RUN TO BILLINGS

Transit will instead be providing ride to TRECO meeting in Ashland, Bus will Leave at 5:00PM, No Charge for transportation, call early to reserve seat.

Saturday, July 26th, 2014 - Movie/Meal trip charge $10.00

Transit will leave at 1:00PM from the Depot, Meal at 3:00PM at Golden Corral, Movie at 5:00 PM at Shiloh 14, Riders must pay for own meal and movie tickets, return home following movie.

July 10, 2014 - Charging Horse Casino Restaurant Specials

restaurant specials

customer appreciation

July 10, 2014 - Noxious Weed Control Workshop

noxious weed control workshop

noxious weed control workshop

July 9, 2014 - Northern Cheyenne Powwow Results

Miss Northern Cheyenne - Zyree Onebear
Junior Miss Northern Cheyenne - Marlena Garcia
Mini Miss Northern Cheyenne - Amazing Russell

Junior Boy's Grass
4th Place - Sodizin Medicine Bull
3rd Place - Bowen Simpson
2nd Place - Tyler Small
1st Place - Talance Fairbanks

Junior Boy's Fancy
4th Place - R.J. Tveter
3rd Place - Levi Cleveland
2nd Place - Buster Cleveland
1st Place - Brenden Patrick

Junior Boy's Traditional
4th Place - Javyyn Strange Owl
3rd Place - Jon Moreno
2nd Place - Bayzel Spottedwolf
1st Place - Kodreis Herman

Junior Girls Fancy
4th Place - Tamyah Eashappie
3rd Place - Violet Whitegrass
2nd Place - Neeta Killspotted
1st Place - Star HerManyHorses

Junior Girls Traditional
4th Place - Skye Hayes
3rd Place - Abbilee Runsabove
2nd Place - Grace King
1st Place - Selma Ruiz

Junior Girls Jingle
4th Place - Charlei Cady
3rd Place - Malea Knowsgun
2nd Place - Asjha Tveter
1st Place - Stormy Hayes

Teen Boy's Traditional
4th Place - Wesley New Holy, Jr.
3rd Place - Lance Shoulderblade
2nd Place - Ruben Little Head, Jr.
1st Place - Talon White Eye

Teen Boy's Grass
4th Place - Wiley Bearcomesout
3rd Place - Matene Jerome
2nd Place - Pete Bear Heels
1st Place - Elias HerManyHorses

Teen Boy's Fancy
4th Place - David Cleveland
3rd Place - Sincere Toto
2nd Place - Cactus Runsabove
1st Place - Delano Cleveland

Teen Girl's Jingle
4th Place - Neekay Long
3rd Place - Emma Clairmont
2nd Place - Shandiin Horton
1st Place - Waskwane Stonefish

Teen Girl's Fancy
4th Place - Whisper SunRhodes
3rd Place - Sabrina Pourier
2nd Place - Mianna Killspotted
1st Place - Beedoskah Stone Fish

Teen Girls Traditional
4th Place - Kenzi Pretty On Top
3rd Place - Elyza Robertson
2nd Place - Jordynn Paz
1st Place - Katrina HerManyHorses

Adult Women's Traditional
4th Place - Teresa Littlebird
3rd Place - Randi Hart
2nd Place - Terra Trujillo
1st Place - Patti McArthur Isnana

Adult Women's Jingle
4th Place - Alexa Rae Fun Maker
3rd Place - Eartha Good Striker
2nd Place - Raeven Tveter
1st Place - Fallen Jo Snow

Adult Women's Fancy
4th Place - Robyn Morin
3rd Place - Kassie Runsabove
2nd PLace - Kaitlynn McArthur
1st Place - Milayla Sun Rhodes

Sr. Adult Women's Combined
4th Place - Chanda Spotted Eagle
3rd Place - Madelynn Goodwill
2nd Place - Kella With Horn
1st Place - Reva Hayes

Adult Men's Fancy
4th Place - Kyle Bear Heels
3rd Place - Maza Hand
2nd Place - Terrance Cleveland
1st Place - Marquel Crawford

Adult Men's Traditional
4th Place - Hunter BlassingGame
3rd Place - Darius Isnana
2nd Place - Nathan Chasing Horse
1st Place - Anthony Mazawasicona

Adult Men's Grass
4th Place - Tyson Fox
3rd Place - James Day
2nd Place - Derrick Red Bird
1st Place - Jon Taken Alive

Sr. Adult Men's Combines
4th Place - David Small
3rd Place - G B Myers
2nd Place - Jim Red Eagle
1st Place - Scott With Horn

July 9, 2014 - Child Care Program July Newsletter

child care july newsletter

child care july newsletter

July 7, 2014 - Spring Water Test Results July

spring water test results

July 7, 2014 - Seasonal Mosquito Fogging

seasonal mosquito fogging

July 7, 2014 - Best Practices in Tribal Governance

best practices in tribal governance

July 1, 2014 - 4th of July Veteran's Powwow Celebration

4th of july veterans powwow celebration

June 30, 2014 - Northern Cheyenne Cancer Survivors

northern cheyenne cancer survivors

July 1, 2014 - Victory Dance

victory dance

July 1, 2014 - Charging Horse Casino

charging Horse casino

June 26, 2014 - 20th Anniversary

20th anniversary

20th anniversary

June 26, 2014 - Health Education Group Discussion

health education

June 24, 2014 - Administrative Leave

To: Tribal Employees, Program Directors

From: Llevando Fisher, President

I will be granting Administrative Leave for Wednesday, June 25, 2014 from 8:00 to 5:00. This is in commemoration of the Little Bighorn Battle. I am encouraging all employees to participate in the activities. This is a historic event for our Cheyenne Nation.

Download June 24, 2014 Administrative Leave memo (pdf) pdf

June 23, 2014 - Re-dedication of Indian Memorial

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument is commemorating the 138th anniversary of the Battle of the Little Bighorn with special programs on June 24 - 27, 2014. Visitor opportunities include guest speakers, book signings, and more. The following events take place at Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. Schedule is subject to change. Unless otherwise noted, the park is open 8 am - 8 pm and entrance to the park is free on June 25th.

5 am Park opens early
5:30 to 6:00 am Sunrise Ceremony at Indian Memorial
8 am to 5 pm Friends of the Little Bighorn volunteer interpreters at Deep Ravine and Keogh Trails, Last Stand Hill, Indian Memorial, and Reno-Benteen Battlefield
10 am to Noon Bighorn Riders "Morning Charge" followed by Lakota ceremonies and speakers at Indian Memorial

Re-dedication of Indian Memorial
Enos Poor Bear, Pine Ridge Lakota
Chauncey Whitright III Fort Peck Lakota
Steve Leader Charge and Pauline Cloudman, Sicangu Lakota Brule Descendants of Peji Sla (Greasy Grass Battle of the Little Bighorn); Rosebud Lakota
Vine Mark Sr., Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate
Former Little Bighorn Battlefield National Superintendent Barbara Sutter
Conrad Fisher, Northern Cheyenne
Montana, US Senator Jon Tester office representative

2 pm Northern Cheyenne "Morning Star Riders" 10th annual horse ride - expect short traffic delays
2:30 pm Little Bighorn Memorial Spiritual Run (Cheyenne Runners) to the Indian Memorial
3 pm Author Book Signing at Visitor Center: James Donovan
3 pm Northern Cheyenne memorial presentation at Amphitheater, Vice President Winfield Russell and Conrad Fisher speak, followed by ceremony at Noisy Walking marker (across from Keogh Trail)

Download Re-dedication fo Indian Memorial Agenda and News Release (pdf) pdf

June 23, 2014 - Block Party 2014

block party 2014

June 18, 2014 - Call Back Food Baskets

To: Northern Cheyenne Tribal Programs

Fr: Melissa Lonebear, Tribal Secretary

To date, the Northern Cheyenne Tribe has lost a total of 51 Tribal members, since July 2013. Once again, we are requesting donations of food baskets (please see attached for your program #'s). The baskets may be delivered to Tribal Administration by Monday, July 1, 2014 and should include:

Non perishable meat items
Fruit (canned or fresh)
Vegetables (canned)
Dry goods (dish towels or material)
Drinks (soda & coffee)
Condiments (salt/pepper/sugar, etc.)

Thank you for your consideration and support. Should you have any questions, please call my office 406.477.4847.

Download June 18, 2014 Call Back Food Baskets Memo (pdf) pdf

June 17, 2014 - Noxious Weed Control Workshops

Noxious Weed Control Workshops

June 17, 2014 - White River Downs

white river downs

June 17, 2014 - Block Party 2014

block party 2014

June 12, 2014 - 11th Annual White River Cheyenne Indian Days

11th annual white river cheyenne indian days

Download Western Energy Scholarship Application (pdf) pdf

June 11, 2014 - Western Energy Scholarship Deadline Extended

western energy scholarship extension

June 5, 2014 - Native Employment Works Programs Will Be Closed

Northern Cheyenne Native Employment Works Programs

Will be closed 8am - 5PM June 11, 2014 due to the annual reservation cleanup day. We will be open for regular business on June 12, 2014.

June 5, 2014 - Probate Code - Community Meetings

probate code community meetings

June 4, 2014 - Mandatory Child Care Training

emergency training

sids training

June 2, 2014 - Childcare June Newsletter

childcare newslatter

childcare newsletter

June 2, 2014 - Rabies Clinic

rabies clinic

May 30, 2014 - Severe Weather Possible on Saturday

We wanted to bring to your attention the possibility of a signficant episode of severe weather this Saturday. Thunderstorm activity is expected across our region Saturday afternoon and evening, and some of these storms could produce large hail, damaging winds, frequent lightning and heavy rainfall. We also cannot rule out a few tornadoes. What makes this potential severe weather episode a little different than the severe weather we have had over the past week is that our entire region is at risk and there is a greater chance of heavy rainfall and flash flooding. Obviously, any heavy rain could result in additional rises onthe already high rivers and streams across the area.

Shower and thunderstorm activity is expected to continue Sunday and Monday. Though the potential for severe weather may not be as high as on Saturday, any additional rainfall could be problematic for our rivers and streams. Total precipitation from Saturday through Monday could exceed an inch in some areas. We will continue to monitor the potential for severe weather and flooding over the coming days. Please contact us anytime if you have any questions. - National Weather Service Billings, MT 406-652-0851

hazardous weather outlook

FLOOD WARNING - The National Weather Service has issued a flood warning for Tongue River at Birney affecting Rosebud County. Snow melt from above normal temperatures will push water levels on the Tongue at Birney above flood stage late tonight. Levels will continue to rise into the weekend and crest Sunday night. The river is expected to stay above flood stage into next week.

May 29, 2014 - Tongue River Advisory

tongue river advisory

May 29, 2014 - NOTICE

Due to the recent warm weather the snow pack in the mountains has begun to melt, this has caused a rising of water into the Tongue River Reservoir, the operator has had to release more water into the river which is now starting to rise. With the increase of water the flows will be faster and more debree will be in the river, the banks of the river may also be washed away and cave in, it is advised that children do not go to the river without an adult supervision at all times.

From the Office of the Tribal DES, Northern Cheyenne Tribe, any questions call 477-4960, Alec Sandcrane.

May 28, 2014 - Summer Kickoff 2014

summer kickoff 2014

May 23, 2014 - 2014 Annual Reservation Cleanup

To: All Tribal Employees

From: Winfield Russell, Vice President

Spring is upon us and the Environmental Protection Department, along with other Tribal Program representatives, are in the process of planning the Annual Reservation Cleanup. It has been scheduled for June 9-13, 2014. The main areas of focus will be Highway 212 and rural roads between Ashland, Birney, and Lame Deer (see attachment).

I am mandating participation from all tribal employees. Each employee will donate 8 hours (8-5) on their scheduled day of cleanup (see attachement). A list of tribal employees has been completed and participation will be monitored daily to ensure each employee is donating their required 8 hours. If your department is not listed on the cleanup agenda, contact Leona Bird to be designated an area. Additionally, a potluck will be held on Friday, June 13, 2014 from 11 am - 2 pm in appreciation of tribal staff participation. Committee members will be in contact with each program director to assign a potluck side dish. An informational memo regarding the potluck will be sent out on a later date. Due to limited transportation, please use your own vehicle to and from the clean up site.

Our Cheyenne Homeland is sacred and we must continue to maintain upkeep of our reservation. As a tribal organization, we will be leading by example and hopefully will encourage many community members to do the same. If you have any questions regarding the cleanup, please contact Leona Bird at (406) 477-6506 ext. 106.

Download May 22, 2014 "2014 Annual Reservation Cleanup" Memo and Daily Agenda (pdf) pdf

May 21, 2014 - PRESS RELEASE - Appointment of a New Chief Appellate Judge

chief appellate judge

May 20, 2014 - Loan Workshop

loan workshop

May 14, 2014 - POSTPONED/CANCELLED - Spay and Neuter Event

spay and neuter event

May 13, 2014 - Firefighting Boots for Rookie Firefighters

firefighting boots

May 13, 2014 - CIVIL PENALTY POLICY - Solid Waste Code - For Public Comment

View or Download Civil Penalty Policy (pdf) pdf - Contact Charlene Alden at EPD

The Northern Cheyenne Tribe’s Environmental Protection Department (“EPD”) has the authority to assess and collect civil penalties for violations of the Northern Cheyenne Solid Waste Code (“SWC”), which was originally adopted by Tribal Council Ordinance DOI-005 (2011), amended by Resolution No. DOI-147 (2011), and amended by Resolution DOI-013 (2013). The entire SWC as amended is available online at

This Civil Penalty Policy was developed pursuant to Section 8-3(b) of the SWC, as amended, which authorizes the EPD Compliance Officer to assess civil penalties for violations of the SWC up to $5,000 per violation per day, plus reasonable attorney fees and costs incurred by EPD as a result of the violation. Civil penalties collected pursuant to the SWC must be retained in a trust fund used for paying for remedial responses to environmental emergencies on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation.

The EPD has the authority to seek the maximum penalties authorized under the SWC; however, it has the discretion to assess the civil penalty appropriate in an individual case by considering “the severity of the suspected violation and whether the suspected violator has been subjected to other enforcement action under this Chapter.” SWC § 8-3(b). This Civil Penalty Policy is intended to further define and identify the basis and rationale for civil penalties assessed by the EPD under this provision, and to ensure that EPD’s assessment of civil penalties is consistent, fair, equitable, and predictable.

This Civil Penalty Policy sets out the procedures that EPD should use in assessing civil penalties for violations of the SWC. However, EPD may vary from this guidance in any case in which EPD determines that application of this Civil Penalty Policy would be inadequate to address the violations of the SWC or would be insufficient to deter violations of the SWC.

May 12, 2014 - Spring Water Test Results

spring water test results

May 12, 2014 - PRESS RELEASE

yellowstone basin advisory council

May 2, 2014 - Solid Waste News

solid waste news

May 1, 2014 - Cheyenne Immersion Camp at Bear Butte

cheyenne immersion camp

May 1, 2014 - Cheyenne Reading & Writing

cheyenne reading and writing

May 1, 2014 - Cheyenne Storytellers

cheyenne storytellers

May 1, 2014 - Chief Dull Knife College Commencement

cdkc graduation

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