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The Northern Cheyenne Tribal Education Department administers or assists with several Scholarship Programs. These Include:

Northern Cheyenne Tribal Scholarship: Scholarships are provided to enrolled Northern Cheyenne Tribal members who do not qualify for the Higher Education Scholarship Program. These scholarships are limited and dependent on the number of students applying and the amount of funds available each year. The Higher Education and Adult Vocational Training guidelines apply to these scholarships for compliance and monitoring.

Louise Dean Scholarship: Scholarship is administered by the Montana Community Foundation. Deadline is March 1. Web site: Nicole Rush 406-443-8313 Ext. 100.

St. Labre Scholarships: Funds are available to St. Labre Indian School graduates. Students applying must meet the St. Labre eligibility criteria and deadlines stated in their guidelines.

PP&L Scholarship: PP&L provides competitive scholarships for enrolled Northern Cheyenne Tribal members. Scholarships are advertised when they are available for higher education and for adult vocational training. A Scholarship Committee is appointed for the selection process.

Western Energy Scholarship: Provides scholarships for higher education for enrolled Northern Cheyenne tribal members. The scholarship is competitive when available. The Western Energy scholarship committee oversees the scholarship program. The Tribal Education department assists with the monitoring of the scholarship and reports to the Western Energy scholarship committee on the progress of the students.

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Attendance Sheet

Student Higher Education Scholarship Process, Time Lines and Requirements

Student Job Training and Placement Scholarship Process, Time Lines and Requirements

Release of Information Form

Midterm Student Progress Report- Students must report their academic standing by mid term to the Tribal Education Department

Needs Analysis- Due before June 30 for fall semester. December 1 for winter quarter/spring semester.

Plan of Study- Students must submit a plan of study by mid term of the 1st quarter/semester.

Graduate Program Signature Page- For graduate students stating they will abide by the criteria established for the Graduate Scholarship Program.

Higher Education Guidelines- For students in the Higher Education Scholarship Program.

Job Training and Placement Guidelines- For students in the Job Training and Placement Program.


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