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Northern Cheyenne Districts

District Chair Contact Information
General District Tim Lamewoman, Sr. PO Box 628
Lame Deer, MT 59043
Ashland District Virgil Fisher

PO Box 340
Ashland, MT 59003

Birney District   Birney, MT
Busby District Dolly Rockroads Busby, MT
Lame Deer District Kristina Quaempts-Redbird PO Box 1321
Lame Deer, MT 59043
Muddy District Vacant  

Muddy District Budget Committee


To all Muddy District residents this is a guideline that will assist the Budget Committee in processing requests. The Committee will meet every other Sunday to approve or disapprove district assistance requests. A list of requests whether they have approved or not will be maintained and kept on file for future references. Utility requests will also be cross-referenced so as to eliminate double-dipping..


1. Assistance is provided to individuals every three months, otherwise emergency assistance can be provided as determined by the budget committee.
2. Physical residence in the Muddy District area is a requirement and you must be on the Muddy District voter's list.
3. Requests must be submitted three (3) days in advance with sufficient documentation attached.
4. Food Vouchers are limited to $25.00 and other utility requests will be determined by the Budget Committee. Utility payments will be made out to the company not the individual.
5. Individuals who receive assistance will be required to provide community service hours at the Muddy Hall.
6. Attendance at regular district meetings.

Approvals must attend meeting and prepare hall for the regular District meeting. After the meeting has closed applicant must clean hall to compensate for Community Service to the Muddy District. For Example, Monday 5:00 pm Budget Committee meets and approves requests. Tuesday 6:00 pm applicant must show up to meeting and prepare hall and clean after meeting is closed. Payment Vouchers will be submitted Wednesday morning for award.

Any other community service may be assigned as community events arise. For example,clean up day. Applicant will be required to sign in before a Payment Voucher will be processed in applicants name.

In an attempt to keep Budget committee member employment separate from Muddy District business. Anyone who harasses any budget committee member at their workplace will immediately be disregarded for payment. This includes phone calls and sending other people to the work place. Applicants will be notified in timely manner upon approval or disapproval of the request they submitted.

September 16, 2014 - Lame Deer District Meeting

lame deer distict meeting

June 18, 2012 - 22nd Annual American Indian World Peace Day

22nd annual american indian world peace day

June 21, 2012 - 22nd Annual American Indian World Peace Day

Spirit Warrior Monument

In 1925, Mrs Thomas Beaver Heart wrote a request for a monument to be built at the National Cemetary in commemoration of those who died there. This is a memoriam request to honor her father who gave his life there. Seventy-five (75) years would pass before her request became a reality. Fourth (4th) Generation descendants Hilda Beaver Heart Two Moona (Austin Two Moons Sr.) relied on the power of prayer/peace to walk through the maze of state and federal legislation to built this monument. Thank you, Congress.

American Indian World Peace Day - Peace Through Unity

The history of the Cheyenne Nation has been written time and time again regarding the monumental conflict with the United States. As their lives intertwined, these characters take turns telling in their own voices an intimate account of one of history's most epic moments. Before we go on, one must set the stage, on the Cheyenne experience of war and peace to arrive where we are today. Within the Cheyenne Nation there are two tribes So'taeo'o and Tsitsistas, they too were enemies and the monumental conflict that preceded their alliance is depicted by the Soot'e voice engaging in combat with the enemy when they realized they could understand what the enemy was saying. Their language were similar. The voice uses U.S. military terminology to depict this battle, "I don't know which side pulled out the white flag but they made sign and they stopped fighting, sat on the ground, facing each other. They achieved peace through unity respecting each others life ways. Theif belief systems honor children by way of prayer which is the cornerstone of their traditions and customs. It is said that when a Cheyenne leader makes a decision he cares more about how it will affect those yet to be born.

Soldier of the Children

Austin Two Moons Sr. was a member of the Chief Soldiers. The stories of the past project how all the children were safeguarded by the soldiers of the people his grandfathers, members of the Chief Soldiers, a military organization of the people, were the protectors of the children. Early one morning Rising Sun's camp was attacked, the snow was four feet deep. It was still dark out. The Chief soldiers gathered their children (people) together escaping with them. After a long ride away running from the US Soldiers he felt he had to go back to the camp. He tried to ignore the feeling finally he decided to ride back. As he was riding back it started getting daylight, he could see the smoke, and their lodges had been set on fire still he kept riding back towards the camp. Several miles later he rode over a hill and seen her. It was a little girl about five years years old somehow she had been left behind in the foray, with ingenuity she had followed their tracks leading away from camp. The snow was deep. She would run, fall down, get up and run again. Rising Sun rode down by her he did not get off his horse but reached down and picked her up. He put her in back of him. They rode and caught up with the others later that day. This was the protective nature of the soldiers of the camps. On instinct he knew something was wrong, went to check it out and found her. This little girl was Margie Russell's grandmother. This is the same grandfather who joined the United States Army and continued to protect the children. He became a very old man who lived out his days on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation. He also became a medic in the true sense of the word. In World War I when poison gas was sent to the United States the people on the reservation were dying. They came to his homestead on Kirby Road by the wagon loads and all the ones he doctored survived.

Chief Soldier Dance

In those days, in those times, whenever the people gathered in celebration, the first dance was the Chief Soldier children's dance. This is where the chiefs and all the children danced. The children and the chiefs would burnish there faces with red paint. The little girls are described as endearing and the boys serious in their role. After the chiefs and the children were honored through song and dance the powwow began. This showed how the soldiers guarded the children.

little eagle princess

Little Eagle Princess
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