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bear butte cultural center

Northern Cheyenne Ceremonial Grounds   Southern Cheyenne Ceremonial Grounds
A Place for private ceremonies   A place for private ceremonies
Area for Camping   Area for camping
Sweat lodge   Sweat lodge
Trail to Fasting area   Trail to fasting area
Shower Building and Natural Spring Water   Shower Building and Well Water
Improved roadway through State Park land   Improved Roadway along Section Line
Education Center
Bison Grounds
A place for cultural exchange, healing and learning   A place for Bison to graze on native prairie grasses
Camping next to creek and in open field   Natural Pasture for Bison grazing
House remodeled for Camping Center and Business Office   Good access to existing roads
Barn remodeled for Youth Education, Cultural Center activities   At the base of Bear Butte
Pond added for Drainage Control and Barn protection    
Nature Trails on land and around Bear Butte    
Campfire for storytelling and evening youth programs    
Locker added at barn for Bison meat storage    
Shower added to barn for campers and youth eduction participants    


bear butte education center site plan


bear butte education center concept view


  1. Resolution No. 183 (85) - Supporting the efforts by Tribal members to acquire more land for the Northern Cheyenne Tribe in the Bear Butte Area
  2. Resolution No. 170 (91) - Requests the South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks to waive the land use fee a the Bear Butte State Park for Native Americans who utilize Bear Butte for religious and ceremonial purposes
  3. Resolution No. 7 (96) - States that all lands which have been purchased near Bear Butte, Meade County, South Dakota, be placed into trust under the United States Government
  4. Resolution No. 11 (96) - Reaffirms Tribal Council Resolution No. 78 (78) for the continued protection of Bear Butte in South Dakota (Meade County)
  5. Resolution No. DOI-017 (2003) - Authorizing Walking Shield to provide assistance to construct a road in South Dakota on a right of way to the Northern Cheyenne Tribes' property at Bear Butte, including construction of water wells and restrooms
  6. Resolution No. NCT-238 (05) - Supports the protection of Bear Butte South Dakota for tribal interests
  7. Resolution No. DOI-034 (06) - to purchase real estate property located at or near Bear Butte, South Dakota
  8. Resolution No. NCT-046 (2006) - Opposing Jay Allen's application for Meade County alcohol permit for development and construction of Sturgis County line in order to protect the Tribe's holy mountain and sacred site known as Bear Butte State Park
  9. Resolution No. NCT 017 (07) - Authorizes the Tribe's attorney to submit an amicus brief in support of the citizens of Meade County, South Dakota to seek a referendum vote regarding the authorization of a liquor license within the vicinity of Bear Butte
  10. Resolution No. NCT-018 (07) - Support the passage of House Bill No. 1227 of the State of South Dakota, Eighty-Second session legislative assembly, 2007, whereby the act will essentially create a four (4) mile buffer around Bear Butte prohibiting the development of bars and liquor store establishments
  11. Resolution No. NCT-052 (07) - Opposes the proposal by the US Fish and Wildlife Parks Service to divest its easement interest in the Bear Butte Lake National Wildlife Refuge by turning management over to the State of South Dakota BLM and private landowners
  12. Resolution No. DOI-029 (2011) - opposing the oil drilling near Bear Butte State Park and protecting the park from future development
  13. Resolution No. DOI-077 (2011) - protesting and opposing oil drilling near Bear Butte


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